Season 1, Episode 1
Air date March 25, 2013 (US) April 13, 2013 (UK)
Written by Matthew Drdek & Lloyd Goldfine
Directed by Logan McPherson & Steve Sacks
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Come Together: Part 2


When Max moves to a new town, he discovers he can release a powerful energy called Turbo Energy (That just so happens to be the substance a villain is looking for). He is then found by his Uncle Ferrus, who is part of a secret program called N-Tek, who tells Max his father Jim and a person named Miles Dredd also worked there before their deaths from an explosion in the lab. The last thing Max's dad worked on was an old machine, but it doesn't work anymore. But then Max reactivates it with his TURBO Energy, and the alien known as Steel morphs with Max, now allowing him to access his alter ego, Max Steel. Meanwhile the villain's minion sends out a Fire Elementor to capture Max, and the episode ends with Max being thrown off a cliff by him.


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