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Uncle Ferrus saves Max from falling by catching him in his plane. Inside Steel dampens Max's TURBO energy, making sure the villains can't trace him. Max then goes home, and hides his newfound ability from his mom. Meanwhile his mom infiltrates the enemy's headquarters, gathering DATA and then calls Ferrus to meet with her and talk about what she saw. At school Max returns Sydney's phone (He accidentally took hers and she took his in the previous episode), and then goes to N-Tek to train against robots, not only using his Strength Mode, but unlocking his Flight Mode. He is then called by Sydney to go on a date. While there he leaves Steel in the boy's bathroom so he may talk to Sydney alone. He tells her he really likes her, and just as they're about to kiss, A Fire Elementor and an Earth Elementor show up to capture Max. Uncle Ferrus and his mom picks him up, and Ferrus explains taking off Steel allowed his TURBO energy to be traceable. Steel catches up, and Max and him fight the Elementors, Ferrus and his mom also fighting using laser guns. Max throws Steel, allowing him to beat the Fire Elementor, but then the Elementor falls and crushes Steel. Finally Max, Ferrus and Molly (Max's mom) are knocked out, and the Earth Elementor takes Max while Steel is shown yelling Max's name. The episode ends with Miles Dredd holding Max captive in his headquarters and draining Max of his TURBO Energy.



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