Makino Jet

The original version of Makino in jet mode.

Makino is a cybernetic enemy of Max Steel. The original version has the power of taking the properties of machines he has assimilated, but the reboot version hasn't shown this power so far.

Original series

Mike Nickelson is a news reporter who uses advanced equipment like a hovering camera that he can control. His goal is to become famous no matter the cost.

During the Toxic Legion film, when the eponymous villain team attacks the center of the city, Nickelson reports it. When he finds a wounded Berto, instead of helping him Nickelson steals his N-Tek equipment. Mike keeps recording the attack, and when Troy extracts the toxic storm created by Toxzon, its residues fall on the reporter, fusing him with the eqipment, turning him into a mechanical being. When he sees the N-Tek logo branded on his arm, he blames them for his transformation.

In Makino's Revenge, he causes N-Tek to be known by the general public and then rames them by hacking N-Tek satellites to shoot a town, and when Max arrives there before finding it's a ghost town, Makino edits the recordings to make it seem like Berto activated the satellites and Max killed the townspeople. Makino also steals Cytro's energy core, and shows himself to the people as the "hero" who will stop Max Steel. Makino challenges Max to a battle in the stadium, but Max defeats him and his lies are exposed.

Makino later appears as part of Toxzon's "Monstrous Alliance". It is unclear if he survives his subsequent fight against Max.


Makino is the leader of the Ultralink army and is credited as the first ever Ultralink.



  • The Toxic Legion (as Mike Nickelson; Makino's shadow glimpsed at the end)
  • Makino's Revenge
  • Monstrous Alliance