Season 2 is the second last season of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). There will be more villains and more fighting with villains. Maxwell McGrath and Steel now both know about their past, but now they should fight a more bigger group of villains, but they are little easy

but very dangerous. And they should defeat new villains and also defeat their old villains. But also aliens they should be combating both


Our two great heroes, Max and Steel, now both know about the truth about their past, and will combat more evil villains. They will still be combating old villains like Miles DreddJason NaughtThe Elementors, Toxzon, Extroyer and more. Also new villains from out of this world: Electrix, Dragonella, and Bio-Constrictor. And also they will be combating against Ultralinks, but not only one, but an Invasion of Ultralinks that are very evil, that our heroes will be fighting against to protect the world. They will also be introduced to a new sinister villain called "Dark Titan" who has turbo energy like Max Steel. Dark Titan's turbo energy is mostly known as Anti-Turbo. And will more people know Max Steel's secret identity?